About us

JASPAR was established in order to pursue increasing development efficiency and ensuring reliability, by standardization and common use
  of electronic control system software and in-vehicle network which are advancing and complexing.

Engineers from various industries such as Car manufacturers,Electrical equipment suppliers,Semiconductor/ Components manufacturers,
Software/Tool developers,Trading/ Carrier and Universities/ Research institutes are working for standardization in technology area of
in-vehicle network, software and cyber security standardizing organizations in Japan and overseas.

[ Mission ]

♦ Identify the common issues to be faced in the future by the car electronics sector and undertake standardization initiatives aimed at resolving
     those issues to encourage the following objectives across the entire automotive industry

[ Vision ]

♦ Activity topics

In addition to maintaining and building on the outcomes of past activities, JASPAR will undertake standardization of car electronics technology
by collecting the views of member companies venturing into new areas of cooperative activity in a timely manner and reaching prompt

♦ Target role

JASPAR seeks to be an organization that can lead the automotive industry by promulgating and encouraging the broad-based adoption of new
ideas and technologies developed in Japan by utilizing the proven technical capabilities of its members.