Using This Website

□Secure Communications (SSL Encrypted Communications)

This website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for encrypted communications for the secure transmission of personal information and other
confidential data.
Communications between this website's web server and users' browsers are protected with SSL encryption technology. Additionally,
no special settings need to be configured by users in order to use SSL. If using a browser that incorporates security functionality such as
Microsoft Internet Explorer at its normal settings, this will automatically use SSL. Please note that if SSL settings are not enabled for browsers,
or if the browser does not support SSL, then a corresponding page will not be displayed, or the input of information may not be possible.

□Protection and Management of Information

Full measures are in place in order to store and manage personal information on the web server in a secure environment. These measures
include a strong firewalll that restricts unauthorized access to the web server, and 24-hour monitoring of external access.

□Protection of Personal Information

The company is aware of the value and usefulness of personal information of members; in its business activities, it has in place the following
policies for the protection of personal information.

  1. A strict adherence to laws, regulations, and other standards regarding personal information.
  2. When collecting personal information from members, unless otherwise explicitly explained, this personal information shall be used
    with the objective of allowing JASPAR to suggest or introduce to members products and services, or to provide members with information
    considered useful. Additionally, this information may be provided or consigned to a third-party with the objective of analysis, processing,
    or receiving feedback. Such handling shall be carried out appropriately in accordance with contents and size of JASPAR's business.
  3. Reasonable safeguards are in place to counter risks to personal information such as unauthorized access, leakage, loss, corruption,
    and falsification.

Furthermore, when receiving personal information from other than members, for example at events and through questionnaires, this shall be
handled as above, and the personal information shall not be used for purposes other than these objectives.

□Recommended Usage Environments

The following operating systems and browsers are recommended in order to provide normal, trouble-free use of this website.

  • OS:
      Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Browsers:
      Internet Explorer 10/11
      Google Chrome (latest version)

Use of other than these usage environments will not prevent usage, however this may result in
-incorrect screen display and
-inability to click on buttons.

Please ensure that the operating system, browser, and versions of these are suitable before use.

□Required Plug-ins

This website uses PDF-format content. It is recommended that the latest plug-ins be used in order to use this content.


This website uses pages incorporating JavaScript in order to increase user convenience. If the browser being used to view this website
has JavaScript disabled, then the pages may not function or display correctly. When using this website, please ensure that JavaScript is
enabled in the browser.


This website uses cookies in order to increase ease-of-use by users when revisiting.
Cookies are sent by the website to the users' browsers, and are stored on their computers. However, recorded information contains
no information that can be used to identify users, such as name, address, telephone number, or email address, etc.
Collected information is only used to improve the level of service provided by the website, and does not encroach upon user privacy,
nor impact the user environment. Users can configure their browsers to block cookies. Doing so will not adversely impact usage
of this website. Please consult with providers of browsers as regards configuration methods

□Links to Other Websites

This website links to other websites; as such this makes no guarantee as to the protection of privacy on these websites.
Please confirm the privacy policies of the linked websites yourself.