Company Profile

Company Name JASPAR
Established September 8th 2004
Directors and Auditors
Hiroaki Okuchi Managing Officer of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION
Takashi Yoshizawa VP of NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD
Yutaka Tamagawa Operating Officer of Honda R&D Co.,Ltd
Atsushi Aoki Executive Officer of Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Masato Hashimoto General Manager of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION
Capital Yen 3,000,000
BoardMember:5, RegularMember:93, AssociateMember:81, AcademicMember:8 (as of April 2018)
Background of Foundation

JASPAR was established in order to pursue increasing development efficiency and ensuring reliability,
by standardization and common use of electronic control system software and in-vehicle network which
are advancing and complexing.

Engineers from various industries such as car manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers, semiconductor
manufacturers and software developers are working for standardization in technology area of in-vehicle
network, software, microcontroller and multimedia collaborating other standardizing organizations in
Japan and overseas.

Head Office 2-3-13,Konan,Minato-ku,Tokyo,108-0075,JAPAN

(Revision History)

*Limited Liability Intermediary Corporation JASPAR was established on September 8, 2004
In accordanec with Act Concerning General Corporations and General Foundations and other related laws being enforced on December 1, 2008,
it was reformed to Generel Incorporated Association JASPAR on April 1, 2009