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To request a disclosed document, enter the applicant information on the request form,
insert a check mark in the check box only if you agree with the terms and conditions in the Data Acquisition and Usage Agreement,
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Data Acquisition and Usage Agreement
Disclaimers       General Incorporated Association JASPAR ("JASPAR" below) will not be responsible for revisions to documents.
             Moreover, JASPAR will not be held responsible for any problems that arise in systems designed based on this document
            or any work products that were examined using this document.
Copyrights       This document is protected under copyright laws, and all copyrights for this document reside with JASPAR.
Usage Agreement    Check the information in the Disclaimers, Purpose, and Scope sections of this document,
            and view and use the document only if you agree to the terms and conditions in these sections. If you do not agree,
            you cannot use the document.
Personal Information Protection
            You agree that the application information obtained from this page can be used by JASPAR to the extent required
            for sending the document and checking that this document was acquired.
            JASPAR will comply with all laws, regulations, and other guidelines for the handling of personal information.

File: ST-CSP-1_Ver.1.01.pdf
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